Little Diablo Salsa Individual Jars


Original Mild: We packed this salsa with fresh tomatoes, green pepper and onions and just a hint of heat.

Mild Artichoke: Our chunkiest salsa made with whole artichoke hearts paired with celery seed for an undeniable fresh taste.

Mild Garlic: Love garlic? This one packs a double whammy with both fresh and roasted garlic. So a little sweet and a little heat.

Medium: Nothing middle of the road about this one. We kicked up the heat with some cayenne and red hots. Definately addicting.

Medium Chipotle: Smoky and delicious. What’s a chipotle you ask? A roasted fresh jalapeno… a true taste delight.

The “Double Diablo” Hot: Habanero peppers make their debut in the intensely hot but still very flavorful salsa. It’s not to hot you can’t eat it but you’ll definately need a cold drink!

BRAND NEW!! Seared Pineapple and Ginger We paired the sweetness of pineapple with the zestiness of ginger to create this sweet and savory delight! Just a hint of heat this salsa is perfect on pork, fish tacos and straight out of the jar!

All our salsas contain tomatoes, green peppers, onions, jalapeno peppers, hungarian peppers, distilled vinegar, celery seed and basil. Chipotle peppers, cayenne, red hots and habenero peppers are added to some of the salsas to change the flavor profiles. All our salsas are gluten free, chemical free and made without added sugars*.

*Seared Pineapple and Ginger salsa does contain additional added sugars.

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